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Call To Action – URGENT SUBMIT COMMENT BY 04/10/18 – 5pm Central


Hydrogen cyanide is a systemic chemical asphyxiant. It interferes with the normal use of oxygen by nearly every organ of the body and can be rapidly fatal. It has whole-body (systemic) effects, particularly affecting those organ systems most sensitive to low oxygen levels: the central nervous system (brain), the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels), and the pulmonary system (lungs). -Center for Disease Control and Prevention, NIOSH For those interested in commenting online, here is the link: ALL COMMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Tuesday 04/10/18 When submitting your comment, be sure to the include permit number 2501A and the following information: 1) Your name (or name of group/ association/ official representative) 2) Click in the YELLOW box on the Permit Number 2501A 3) A statement in the comment section. We encourage the inclusion of the following: (Manchester is an environmental justice community that suffers from multiple exposures and shoulders a heavy toxic load.) (Hydrogen cyanide is a known neurotoxic.) (The community of Manchester is home to vulnerable populations like children, Seniors, and persons with medical conditions including Asthma, and other respiratory issues) (I do not support the amendment or permit). If you have children please include a concern over their health as the air in Houston is shared by all. You can also include the other contaminants in your comments. Churches in the 3,000 ft. area: Manchester Baptist Church, Iglesia Evangelistica, Saint Alphonsus Church Sensitive areas in the 1 mile zone including the above – Milby Park, Hartman Park, Neighborhood Centers Senior Center, Ellis Memorial Church of God in Christ, Saint Matthew Baptist Church Site Distance from University of Houston – 5.3Miles Schools within a 5 mile radius: JR Harris Elem (1.7mi), YES PREP East End Campus (1.6mi), Charles H. Milby High School (2.8mi), Cesar Chavez High School (3.8mi),

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