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BOOK READING:What We’re Fighting for Now is Each Other


This Thursday Nov. 5th, at 730 pm, , T.E.J.A.S is hosting a book reading at East End Studio Gallery   708 Telephone Rd., Houston TX 77023 Wen Stephenson, an independent journalist and climate activist, is a contributing writer for The Nation. A former editor at The Atlantic and the Boston Globe, he was most recently the senior producer of NPR’s On Point. His writing on climate, culture, and politics has also appeared in Slate, the New York Times, Grist, and the Boston Phoenix. As a volunteer activist, he helped start the grassroots network 350 Massachusetts. —————————————-•••••••••••——————–••••••••••••———————————– In his recent papal encyclical on ecology and economic justice, Pope Francis cited the climate crisis as a moral issue affecting the world’s poorest communities and issued a direct call for world leaders to take immediate action to address the dangers of climate change. Now, in What We’re Fighting for Now Is Each Other: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Climate Justice, journalist Wen Stephenson argues that the climate crisis is a spiritual and moral issue, requiring immediate and radical action, and that the grassroots movement rising to address it is based on social justice and human rights. Stephenson, a former editor at The Atlantic and the Boston Globe and now a contributing writer for The Nation, shares his awakening to the climate catastrophe, his decision to become an activist, and his journey into the climate justice movement in the United States. Offering an up-close, on-the-ground look at some of the remarkable and courageous people he has encountered and at times worked alongside—those he calls “new American radicals”—Stephenson draws comparisons between today’s climate activists and the abolitionists and civil-rights leaders of the past. Today’s young people and future generations, he writes, will “bear vastly disproportionate impacts of climate change,” and nothing will inspire them to action unless they recognize the fight against climate change as their own. “This is a book about waking up,” he writes. “It’s about waking up, individually and collectively, to the climate catastrophe that is upon us—truly waking up to it, intellectually, morally, and spiritually, as the most fundamental and urgent threat humanity has ever faced.”

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