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Say Their Names

Update 1.0 - Educator Resources

The “Say Their Name Memorial” is a nationwide initiative to honor Black lives taken by systemic racism and racial injustice.  The memorial was started in Portland, Oregon on Juneteenth 2020 and has reached over 25 locations nationwide since. STNM produces traveling memorials for public exhibition and their goal is to get a memorial in every city across the country; a memorial created for and by your community. 


The Houston memorial opened on September 29th and will remain until October 13th, 2020, you can visit the public installation from 10am to 7pm any day of the week. Ms. Hidalgo will be there on October 9th and 11th from 1:30 to 4:00pm volunteering and capturing reflections from educators. We want to highlight this memorial and created this video as a tool for you to show your students another way to address social justice through artwork. As student designers born in the 21st century they have an advantage to use technology and software to create products that spark meaningful conversations and discussions. We hope you use this video in your classroom to talk about racial justice and the importance of civic engagement to ensure these injustices never repeat again.

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