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The Tar Sands extraction site in Alberta Canada is getting ready to expand drastically and the Keystone Xl pipeline has been given the “green light”, with the final southern leg of it anticipating construction in August 2012. The new leg of it will be hooked up to the existing Keystone 1 pipeline which carries  the highly corrosive tar sands and spilled 12 times in its first year of operation. A direct line from the Alberta Tar Sands to Houston and other Gulf Coast refineries will mean 11 times more sulfur, 11 times more nickel, and 5 times more lead to communities neighboring refineries.

The Keystone XL will not only kill jobs and raise gas prices, but also cause catastrophic pollution and sickness for the future of Houston and the planet. According to chief climatologist James Hansen of NASA, the full exploitation of the tar sands means “Game Over” for our climate.

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