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Furr High School

The first environmental justice school in the country

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T.e.j.a.s, is excited to celebrate our long term partner, Furr High School of the Houston Independent School District.  In partnership for the past few years, through citizen science, we have been able to uplift the environmental justice work in the City of Houston. By rethinking traditional high school, and transforming learning beyond the four walls of the classroom making Furr High School, the “First Environmental Justice School in the Nation.”

The Green Institute at Furr High School is dedicated to inspiring students to take personal responsibility for improving the environment, our school, homes, and community. Furr High School and surrounding communities are plagued with high rates of diabetes, obesity and other health associated illnesses due to poor diets. In addition, a prime example of a fenceline community, as a number of petrochemical complexes and refineries are in the area, causing  poor air quality and leading to a number of health related issues.

Furr HS Exterior.png

As being original design partners with Furr High School, for the XQ Super School Project, we are excited of the growth and transformation. Together, we have been able to host and design professional development with educators through integration of design workshops, and field based learning programming in the city of Houston. We also worked together, as a taught partner to develop Furr High School’s, “Mission, vision and beliefs,” and Portrait of Graduate Profile, aligned with XQ design principles.

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