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Community Connections: Bringing Together Scientists and Local Voices


T.e.j.a.s has recently partnered with The Union of Concerned Scientists to bring you a great opportunity to learn about new ways for scientists, leaders, and citizens to work together, and leave with strategies and tangible advice to develop (or improve) connections between scientists and communities in Houston. Join local leaders this Friday and Saturday to explore exactly why and how Houston can improve scientist-community collaboration moving forward. This two-day series of events will dig deep into how community based knowledge in collaboration with the science and health community can come together to have a more effective engagement to promote change in our impacted communities. Get personal insight from panelists’ experiences with scientist-community partnerships to learn concrete ideas about how you can take steps towards mutually beneficial and effective collaboration. Through this forum, scientists will become better equipped to share technical expertise with the public, and will learn about new opportunities, resources, and supportive networks to get involved. If you’d like to attend and be part of the discussions fill out this short survey! Find us on Facebook!

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