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President Obama Rejects KXL!


Finally! After 7 years of review and immense organized resistance to this destructive project, has come to a halt. We celebrate with all of those who have fought courageously and even put their lives in the line of fire. From the First Nations to all the grassroots resisters on the ground at the tail end of the pipeline. We recognize that the fight and struggle for Climate & Environmental Justice still continues but this Win will reinforce what we feel about people power. All of us at T.E.J.A.S have been honored and humbled to be part of such an empowering movement that has lead us to this moment. Though, President Obama has made history by listening to the reverberation of our chants from all sides of this country, we must acknowledge that he could not have decided that without the multitudes of communities that pressured him to do so. Through the power of organizing and using our right to assemble. This struggle began with First Nations in Canada where the tar sands are extracted, and the fight spread to farmers, ranchers and tribal nations along the pipeline route and affected communities in the Gulf Coast. But resistance will continue to grow more because the fossil fuel industry is more reckless than ever,  from Texas where the Southern leg of Keystone XL pumps toxic tar sands, to Alberta where greedy Oil Corporations plan to expand its mines. Not counting the multitude of projects that are still being proposed all over the world taking over indigenous people’s territories and destroying not only livelihoods but precious ecosystems. As we head to the UN Climate Negotiations in Paris in December we can’t help but take this healing and empowering energy with us to help this message transcend the bureaucracy that we will encounter. A new movement is being created, one that is about protecting our right to exist; our right to protect Mother Earth and all her gifts because our lives depend on it. The movement can’t grow without YOU! In solidarity and gratitude, All the T.e.j.a.s barrios homies

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