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Tar Sands Healing Walk

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

BY ADMIN · JUNE 25, 2014

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services Represents Houston at Final Healing Walk in Alberta, Canada HOUSTON, TX – t.e.j.a.s. is proud to accept a special invitation to represent Texas in the fifth and final Athabascan region Healing Walk, a pilgrimage around the epicenter of the devastating tar sands production site, to be held June 26th – 29th in Alberta, Canada. Unify Tar Sands Resistance selected six Gulf Coast environmental activists from Texas, Louisiana and Alabama whose communities are currently being impacted by tar sands development to meet with people facing similar struggles and join a growing international network of frontline leaders during this last official gathering.   Selected participants include t.e.j.a.s. founders Juan Parras & Bryan Parras, Manchester resident Yudith Nieto, LA resident Cherri Foytlin, and Africatown, AL, residents May Louise Will.  The delegates hope to bring attention to regional efforts against the extraction, transport, storage and refining of tar sands in their communities. “Participating in the Tar Sands Healing Walk will help me advocate for my community and empower our resistance to these injustices,” said Yudith Nieto.  Nieto’s community of Manchester is poised to see increased pollution as tar sands is refined at nearby plants.  Already, the neighborhood suffers from exposure to seven carcinogenic pollutants on a daily basis. In the historic community of Africatown, AL, Mae and Louise Will, members of the Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition (MEJAC) are leading the way to oppose a massive tar sands storage tank farm that will sit across the street from a local public middle school.  Members of MEJAC are also concerned about ongoing health and ecological impacts as Alabama explores the possibility of mining tar sands in the northern part of the state. “Frontline communities are leading the fight for environmental justice and carry with them the experience, expertise and knowledge that can bring about change,” t.e.j.a.s Co-Founder Bryan Parras said. t.e.j.a.s. and other Gulf Coast leaders in the fight against the proliferation of tars sands pollution participated in a 10-day campaign to garner support towards that effort.  Co-Founders Juan Parras, Bryan Parras and Manchester resident Yudith Neito raised $3000 to cover flight expenses as part of the drive. Take a minute to read more about the campaign and show your support by dontating to the cause. Your support is GREATLY appreciated!

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