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TOXIC TRESPASS: Health Concerns with Oil-Chemicals


Do you ever wonder how oil-chemical activities affect your health? Or how that would affect your future generations? Join us this Saturday, February 27th From: 10a.m – 2p.m at Hartman Park 9311 E. Avenue P Houston, TX 77012

People in fence-line communities are at-risk of exposure to oil and chemical pollutants from daily operations to accidental spills. Yet the people most at-risk are often the least informed about toxic pollutants, potential health impacts, and what can be done to minimize toxic trespass. T.e.j.a.s, Pleasantville, and Riki Ott with ALERT Project are hosting a series of workshops on toxic trespass and health impacts, citizen-scientist trainings, community-right-to-know, and disaster preparation and response planning. T.e.j.a.s and The ALERT project bring you a community-driven initiative to help train others on the dangers of oil-chemical activities come and share ideas for future workshops in this series.. We will learn to:

• Identify Oil-Chemical hazards in the environment & how exposures occur •Explain how Oil-Chemical exposures affect health •Recognize Oil-Chemical exposure symptoms & describe them to a health care provider

For more information visit our FB event page You can also contact our organizer at 832.867.1250 Come out and join the Environmental Justice movement!

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