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Upcoming Summit


We are excited to announce the 7th Extreme Energy Extraction Summit will be held March 10th – 13th at Christian Renewal Center in Dickinson, Texas. The first day of the Summit will be an optional tour of communities impacted by Houston’s massive petrochemical and refining complex led by the t.e.j.a.s team.  We are also very excited to welcome back Adrienne Maree Brown and Ananda Lee Tan as our lead facilitators. These gatherings are not a traditional conference of disconnected workshops but a complete process.  Participants are expected to attend the event at least from Saturday breakfast to Monday lunch.  Please let us know in your application if that is not feasible for you. Get your application in by December 30th! Visit the Extreme Energy Extraction Summit page for more details! Our communities depend on our collaboration, our connection, and most of all our solidarity. Let’s make it happen!

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