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T.e.j.a.s. originated the toxic tour over 20 years ago in Houston as an educational tool for individuals within and outside of the community to gain a further understanding of environmental justice issues.  We frequently lead “Toxic Tours” through the East End of Houston, where some of the largest refineries and chemical plants surround neighborhoods and spew toxins into the air. Thousands of people live, work, and attend schools in the shadow of these facilities. We have toured universities, science networks, government officials and advocate groups along with community member to understand this layered issue.


Pictures cannot easily convey the surreal site of this massive petrochemical industrial complex, nor the thick polluted air.


It will, hopefully, make you think about the toxic legacy of pollution and oppression that communities living along the Houston Ship Channel live with on a daily basis.

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Want to take a closer look? Explore the superfund map (above) or our interactive toxic tour map (below).  T.e.j.a.s Toxic Tours also includes a view into some of Houston’s superfund sites. According to the EPA, these are sites that are uncontrolled or abandoned places where hazardous waste is located, possibly affecting local ecosystems or people.

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